Learn More About Me 

One of my super powers is sharing openly so other people can see they are not alone. My life is pretty much an open book. 

That Was Before…
I used to work in the hotel business and throughout my career I was a manager of people. Honing my business, organizational and human development skills in the world of luxury hospitality was a dream. I loved that world. And I loved the travel.

Travel makes my soul sing. I have been doing it since I was a young girl and always my favorite places to go in a city are the hotels. 

After being away from my family for 12 years, I needed to move closer to my aging parents in Toronto. Yes, I’m super familiar with that struggle! I spent several more years (of discontent) working in the head office for a big hotel company. 

Day of Reckoning 
One day, I was “restructured”. Just like that. “Put your pencil down. Have a nice.” And just like that, someone else’s business decision rocked my entire being. 

I took a break to shake off the sense of hurt, betrayal, grief, identity crisis and sadness, and I tried to moved on. 

I went to work at places big and small. Some were great. Some were unmitigated disasters dominated by the patriarchy. 

I have been spoken down to, micro-managed and talked over. I have also had great mentorship, millions of learning opportunities and have gained incredible business insight across various roles. 

The bottom line for me now, at this stage of my life,  is that working for other people is not for me. I learned that the long way around. 

Foreshadowing or Clarity Ignored?
The funny part is this: In 2005, while working with an amazing coach after my big job loss, she heartily encouraged me to become a coach. I didn’t think it could be that easy. I had to struggle to find my passion, no?

I resisted her advice and it took me 13 years to come to that exact conclusion. In essence though I’ve been coaching in my various roles for my entire career.

Ups and Downs
I was born to parents grieving the loss a son only 18 months before. I’ve since lost both parents, my eldest brother and my niece. 

I have worked very hard to find peace and perspective with grief. I’ve worked with a number of coaches, therapists and other practitioners because I really believe that everybody deserves a team to help them out. 

I have worked very hard to thrive as a solo person, being unmarried and childfree on purpose. 

In my life I’ve made some really bold moves and I love to take a calculate risk. 

I have been described by my cohort as honest, trustworthy, straight forward and authentic. I will never be described as a “shrinking violet”. Ever.

Also, my friends and co-workers have called me “funny as shit.”

I currently live in Marrakech, Morocco and travel to Canada as needed.

I travel to Europe as often as I can to experience new things and enjoy new places.

I also operate a private tour company here that has grown into a thriving business over the past 5 years. I like puppies and reading.

I do hope you find something in my bio that piques your interest so we can talk some more.

Reach out anytime if you have any questions. I LOVE offering up help based on my experience, whether its formal coaching or you are coming to Morocco and want advice I’m here!

(The Fine Print)
In 2019, I graduated from the JRNI Coaching / Catalyst Life Coach Intensive. I also hold a Bachelors Degree in Political Science from McMaster University, and an Associate Degree in Travel and Tourism from Newbury College in Boston.