Pitter Patter

We booked a trip to Morocco last year on July 10. That’s July 10, 2014. We leave in October of this year. Its been the LONGEST year of my life. Now it’s a mere 5 weeks away and I can’t possibly think of anything else. We have been prepping, and planning and planning and prepping for so many months. I’m done. I’m packed. Ready to go.

Are we there yet?

So I’m going to use this blog to keep everyone up to date on our travels. So lets get this baby off the ground.

Who’s we? Well, thank you for asking. “WE” is an interesting experiment in the positive power of social media. And women. And time and distance and endurance.

You see, I used to live in Banff. In Alberta. (I KNOW right? I can’t believe I moved to Toronto either!)

So while I was in Banff I had the lovely pleasure of making the acquaintance of a girl named Laura. She had a crush on a boy named Tim. They were (are) lovely people. I helped L with a resume one time and she in turn paid me with a painting she had created on a canvas “for fun”. It was a vase of flowers and it had a lot of blues in it and I loved it. So she gave it to me in exchange for my help. I had that painting FOR YEARS. That was sometime prior to 1997 (which was when I left Banff).

Fast forward to 2014. L now lives in Vancouver with T. I know right – good on them! So L and I had been in touch over social media in the past few years. She is now a famous textile designer (aspirationally anyway), and is the brain trust behind Mazizmuse (go to Etsy.com). And now I am a designer. (I didn’t just decide to identify as a designer – I put in the work and got me some street cred at school and such).

So we had been in touch over the miles and then one day – the question ……hey …do you want to go to Morocco?

See -L didn’t want to go alone (smart), T didn’t want to go (golfer) and I am wildly available to manage my own time and resources so …..perfect fit. We booked. And soon, not soon enough, we leave.

Are we there yet?


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