The Little Things

It has been said that “the devil is in the details”. Of course that applies to my day job, as an interior designer I deal with nothing but detail. Of course its the finest of detail that makes a design pop.

But for now I’m actually referring to my upcoming trip to Morocco in October. It’s all about the details. I’m absolutely certain that I am overthinking it all, but hey, that’s what time does. It gives you the opportunity to think, rethink, second guess, change your mind and then rethink it all again the next time.

HOWEVER, the fact remains that I am going to Morocco in October and if there is one thing I have learned over the years of travelling this fine earth…..its to pack light and make every item count. How many times have I come home from a trip, flipped open the suitcase and pulled out at least HALF of everything, repeating “didn’t use it, didn’t use it, didn’t use it” with every discard.

Not going to happen this time. So yup, I’m sweating the details. Stick with me. This will be fun.

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