Why Morocco?

Why Morocco?  Why. The. Hell. Not??????????

So, in case you are stumbling on this blog and don’t know me, that is my travel philosophy. Why not?

I have travelled fairly extensively. I mean, I started young. My parents encouraged it. My teachers encouraged it. Travel is the best teacher. It opens your mind. It gives you are broader perspective. All that stuff. You know the routine. You’ve SEEN the memes no?

I have a list. I do. I have a list of places I want to go and I have tried to make it happen. But lets face it, I’m single, and while I don’t mind travelling alone at all, I prefer to approach BIG trips with a travel buddy. Its safer, and easier. Travelling is not simple, and if you have a buddy you can generally relax knowing that there are 4 eyes and not 2.

So MY list includes South Africa, Russia (I was there already but I am FASCINATED by all things Russian culture and now I need to go back when its NOT Soviet), the Trans Siberian train, the Blue Train in Africa. Italy (again), Spain. etc

However, I have had opportunities come at me that I could not refuse. Two weeks in Japan with 5 single friends. Croatia. Paris (again). And now Morocco. When things jump up at you, you either scream and run away, or you grab them and hang on for dear life. Right?

So off I go to Morocco. L’s dream trip. My new dream destination.

Can NOT wait. So what if I’m a large blonde clearly Canadian woman. That won’t attract too much attention. I will wear a headscarf and tunics. I will speak French like a nat……..oh. Wait. I don’t really parlez the Francais do I Suzanne? Oh well.

My biggest concern about all this? I have read in many places that foreigners should not smile at native men. It means things that we don’t want to convey. I have a problem with smiling. I smile at everyone.

You can take the girl out of the hotel business…..but, you know.

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