The secret to packing light is obviously to reuse as much as possible. And the title of this post is “underpants”. So technically I’ve already used “reuse” and “underpants” in the same sentence.

Buckle up! This is going to be a good one.

So in planning what to take, it is really a matter of being prepared to do laundry. A lot. “Hand wash only, hang to dry” used to be my kryptonite and now this statement is my friend. I am embracing the hand wash. So every night I plan to hand wash. I will do this in lieu of my evening shot of Jaegermeister because ….Muslim country = probably not a lot of Jaeger!

*** For those of you whom I know from the hotel biz – hand washing is a term used to describe the washing and rinsing of ones own clothing in the sink basin of your hotel room. It is used often by people who are too cheap or too poor to stay in the 4-5 star hotels that dry clean your underpants and return them in little a basket with a bow and a thoughtful note from “housapeking”.

Now. I have decided that in order to facilitate this activity, I should take 4 (four) pairs of these underpants we are discussing. Four. Arbitrary number? Perhaps. So let’s review and in the process I will think this number through. Aloud. For everyone to enjoy. My underpants….

I will be wearing one pair. (For the sake of argument just go with that premise).

I will be washing one pair which will be in a state of either unclean or freshly washed and therefore damp.

I may decide that I don’t want to wash one night. Perhaps because we are camping in the Sahara Desert (WHAT?!) ( I just freaked out a little) (OK, I giggled like a grown man seeing bacon). (OMG sleeping in the desert!) (THE desert) (Not the beach by Quarry Lake – I’m talking the DESERT!) ( Did I spell it right or am I blogging about ice cream sundaes?)

I digress. So let’s say one night I don’t hand wash, now we are at three. So I need 3 (THREE). Just three.

So let me just conclude this post with a nod to my good friend and neighbour, let’s call her “P” (because, actually, that’s what we call her). The 4th pair I am taking along just in case I lose one.

Ha. I just cracked myself up. And P. And S and C for that matter.

Ahhhh man….


  1. Sue Somers

    Haha – Alex Tilley says you only need two – but I like your thinking. And by the by, we did actually buy wine in Morocco in a nice air conditioned westernized shopping mall outside of Marrakesh, in the supermarket I believe. We found that our hotel up in the mountains was happy to provide us with glasses and for us to pour our own at dinner. Didn’t check for Jaeger…

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