Here’s the Plan

Five more sleeps. Five. That’s not many sleeps. At all.

It’s really starting to sink in. I am packed. A bit over the limit so I have some cunning culling to do. Not sure how that’s going to work out.

So here is the general overview of what is about to happen. Well, let’s be honest ….I have no idea what is about to happen. But here is where I will be in general as it all unfolds.

First there is the plane trip. I meet Laura in Toronto. She’s coming from Vancouver. Off we go for the standard overnight, overseas flight. To Paris. Once we hit CDG we have a 4 hr layover. Some croissants and a good coffee. A little wonder through Hermes, and Louis and off we go again. We arrive in CMN (Casablanca) around 2 in the afternoon then make our way into town.

In Casablanca we refresh. We are staying in the safe, familiar, white sheeted and branded stationary of a Movenpick. We see my friend Jen. We relax and sleep. We venture out and make some contact with the locals. Maybe see a Mosque along the way. Get the lay of the land.

After two restful and refreshing nights on our own terms, we set sail for our third night in Casablanca. This will be at a different hotel and at 6 pm we meet our new travel companions for the next 19 days. There will be 9 of them. “Them.” SO excited to find out who these 9 souls are that we will be sharing this trip of a lifetime with.

This is when we begin our Intrepid Travel Morocco Encompassed tour group. I know I know – bleck! I said the 4 letter word! BUT, it’s Morocco, and we are white women. There is no other way we will see this much of the country except highly escorted.

After Casa, we set off for 19 days, 18 nights of moving around. We spend 2 nights in Fes, and 2 nights in Marrekech (over my birthday festival), 2 nights in Essaouira (sea side!) and 4 nights in Marrkech at the end of it. All the rest of those nights are “up and out”. One night stops. Don’t bother unpacking cause we’re outta here. One of those nights is on an overnight train (I’ve only done that once before. Italy ’81) and one of those nights is in a tent in the Sahara. WHAT????? I am so excited about that.

The last 4 nights we are with the group for a final night and then we are staying in a swanky resort near the Medina were we can once again rest, reflect, refresh and SHOP. Then we are off on a two day journey home. I will arrive home in time to be a zombie for Halloween!

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