Our first night in Morocco

So after we got the blue giant into the train, out of the train, up the stairs and into a cab , we made it to the hotel. Jennifer was here waiting in the lobby for us and was she ever  happy to see us! A familiar face after 2 months of nothing but new was a welcome relief for our favorite expat. And having the benefit of her experience was oh so welcome to us. 

We had chosen to stay two nights in advance of our rough and tumble tour, in a Movenpick. We enjoyed leaving the chaos of a third world country out on the streets after only a brief taste. After all that travel and as tired and hungry as we were it was so lovely to be in a safe environment where we could recoup and sleep it off. 

Jen gave a lesson in money. She showed us all the different denominations – coins and notes. Then she and Laura started talking exchange and introduced Euros and American dollars to the discussion. Those of you who know me also know that this is the part where my eyes went dead and the CLOSED sign appeared on forehead. Just tell me what $10 and $100 looks like in general and leave me to sit in my own mathlessness. Seriously. I can’t be dividing be dividing by 10, adding a third and checking for bandits all while buying a water bottle. Its just not who I am. Now, had my math teacher said  – listen to this part because you will need to know about currency a lot when you are travelling – I might have been ok. But they didn’t,so I don’t, and there’s got to be an app for that so…..

We went to the roof top of the hotel for dinner. It was sushi. It was really good. Jen said she has had sushi a lot here and its always been good so there is a little known fact about the coastal port of Casablanca. 

Finally, after helping Jen to her car with the blue giant, (and waving it goodbye .|. we made it upstairs for lights out. I’m absolutely certain that something funny happened but I can’t remember what. Because …I’m 50. 

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