Let’s Not Think About Tomorrow 

We have a lot of “stuff” heaped on our heads in North American. A lot. There is so much self imposed pressure. To be better. Better than yesterday. Better than our neighbours. Better than our colleagues.

To have more. More things. More recognition. More importance. More money. Our politics has become ridiculous. We have brought the middle class to the edge of collapse. We shoot at each other. We drink and drive and take out entire families while texting a stupid thought that doesn’t matter. We’ve wound ourselves so tightly that we have to pay therapists to unravel us in the hopes of getting a good night sleep.

Stop. Just…….stop.

I’ve read and watched a lot of Muslim content over the years. The term “Inshallah”, or “If Allah wills it” is not a new one for me.

What is new for me is being immersed in a culture and hearing the word used in context or reference to my immediate actions. And frequently. The future is never referenced, ever, without someone saying Inshallah.


We have some appreciation for it in the west. YOLO. (You only live once). Seize the day. Live in the moment. Be present. But it varies based on the individual, of course, and how you choose to live your life and sort out your priorities. It’s often based on a quick reminder via a Facebook meme that you share quickly and silently promise yourself to try harder and do better at living in the moment. One more thing for the list of things to berate yourself for.

Instead of accepting this habit and taking it for granted as one tends to do with cultural “quirks” for lack of a better word, I am finding that every time I hear it, it gets louder. Especially when it comes in a personal conversation with someone. For example, “I want pancakes”. “You can have them tomorrow. Inshallah”.

Indeed. Because nothing in this life is guaranteed except this exact moment. Nothing. Enjoy it while you have it.

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