Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow

The first night in Marrakech for Laura and I was the last night for the rest of the group so that was a little sad. We all had a free day in Marrakech. After a night of virtually no sleep, and then a night of train sleep, we decided to take it pretty easy. We toured the Medina a bit on our own. Walked there and back. What can I say? All I really remember is that it was 920 degrees. I can not imagine being here in the summer. So freaking hot. My Canadian cold bloodedness was overwhelmed.

We enjoyed a nice evening at the restaurant up the street for our last dinner. Thankfully everyone was feeling pretty well and ready to travel. We said good bye to Sue, Tinkerbell and Janet as they headed back to Granada for the short term, and eventually back to Aus. Tink actually a little colour back in her cheeks finally. Off went Sue, Janet and Jane, back to Aus. Tania was headed back to New Mexico and left shortly after the meal to get a good night sleep before an early start.

Megan, Christina, Laura, Kerry and I joined Mustapha on the roof, at a table right beside the outdoor shower (WTF?) for a drink or two. The only highlight that I can recall was Laura’s reaction to meeting our new friend Hassan. I had warned her that the man was standing behind us at the bar but still. That first encounter. It really leaves you a little breathless when you meet the Prince of the Desert (or so we have named this nice young man who leads Intrepid Tours).

Oh yah, and it was my birthday.

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