What Might Be Our Last Berber Encounter….

Ok not our last. Yes its our last night in Morocco. We leave Marrakech in the morning and travel to Casa. From there were grab a plane to Paris overnight and then head off early in our separate directions.

I slowly said a sad goodbye to the people we met in the north that touched my heart. So many, both Berbers and travellers. Then to our friends in the south. I will not say goodbye to Mustapha, or some of his friends, because …..to be continued.

But it is indeed our last night here. We have been staying in a French hotel. Hotel Naoura Barriere. A Lucien Barriere hotel. 5 star Swank from the doormen to the toilet paper. Clean, gorgeous sheets. Exceptional service. (albiet very French). Lovely, but to be honest, after our experience this month, and while a good baby step back into Western life, its impersonal. I would rather have 4″ thick blankets to cuddle in the Sahara and dirt in my hair than a snotty look when I walk through the door.

BUT  – as we got up from table after dinner to move outside to the pooldeck (going home to winter tomorrow), the waiter took our drinks from us and said,

“Please madame, your hands are only for flowers”

Try hearing THAT in Canada.


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