All That Remains

So I’ve been home for 24 hours. It turns out the only two things I really missed were my dog and my hair straightener. Its amazing what a 30 second encounter with a hair straightener can do to a girl. I guess thats the western woman in me. I lived without for a month. In fact most days I didn’t even have a hairdryer. Didn’t bother me a bit. But wow was I ever happy to straighten out that curl in the middle of my forehead after a much needed shower.

I missed Daisy too. This is also a cultural thing. Berbers don’t keep pets and dogs generally wander the streets. They are all bred to such a mutt level that they all look alike, aside from a different colour fur. I read in a book on the plane that those who do keep dogs are mostly westerners and they feed them table scraps. You can only get dog food in the french markets in big cities. I wonder whats in that? Such a contrast to here where we have entire chains of pet centric stores that sell everything you can imagine to keep your dog in as much consumer product as possible. I have been told I need to brush Daisy’s teeth because she is getting plaque build up. Seriously? I was raised with dogs and no one ever brushed their teeth. They are dogs. I love her to pieces but come on……really?

I did spend some time today unloading stuff. All the way home on the plane, after living out of a carry on for 28 days, all I could think of was PURGE. It is a common reaction of mine after travelling. What the hell do I need all this stuff for. It is ridiculous. I have Christmas decorations that I haven’t touched in YEARS. There is going to be one hell of a huge yard sale on Arcadian Circle this spring.

I have a feeling things are going to change over the winter. I hope so. God knows I need it. And really, after being introduced to such a beautiful culture and such a beautiful place, how can things possibly remain the same?

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