Settle the Hell Down 

Ok look. I don’t even have a flight booked. Moving to Africa, selling my house, packing up a lifetime of crap, and settling all the details that go along with that…it takes time. Time, people. Time and patience. 
The reason I decided to “come out” now is that I do have a lot of things to settle in the next few months. Things are up in the air. Plans are tentative. Mostly based on the real estate market and my enormously poor choice of seasons to sell.  

I have a lot to do. A LOT.  A lot. Its quite overwhelming really. And no clean timelines. No clean plan. Its all so messy right now. 
I also have never been that person who talks in vague sentences and “alludes” to things all the while not making eye contact or changing the subject. What you see is what you get. So if I tell you something, its all there is. There is no more. I need to just speak in plain English and carry on. No bullshit, no drama. So it just makes sense for me to come clean and move forward. 

Additionally, my blog. I have been trying to blog for years. But I had nothing to say. (Some of you just snorted) “WHAT? Pretty Kathi has nothing to say? Not true. Pretty Kathi ALWAYS has something to say.” OK true. But not in a blog. Since I’ve been focused on this whole Morocco thing I have found my voice and I have no end of topics to write about. (All part of paying attention to things that light me up.)

So my REAL motivation in spilling the beans is to keep blogging. To bring you all along on this journey. I certainly don’t presume that the subject of my life is of much interest to other people, but I have acquired some followers in this journey, and I know from comments from friends that there is an interest in vicarious living. I’m happy to share. Some of it. Not all. Its a public forum of course so you will only get the highlights. But, it is my intention to change things up from PrettyKathi takes a trip to “holy shit I’m moving”. 

I have had the distinct pleasure of following, online, some other ladies who have gone down this road. (Not literally following cause – illegal) I have learned a ton of information from their blogs. Topics like how to apply for residency, what to expect in a Muslim country, and every topic in between. Homesickness. Mental fortitude in the face of just wanting to cry. All the things I can look forward to. I am sure there will be days when I am on top of the world and thrilled with myself for doing this. I am sure there will be nights spent in the fetal position on the bathroom floor wishing I was “home” in my own bed. 

I want to take you along on this journey. I am not the first western woman to pack it all in and move to Morocco. I assure you. Nor am I the most daring. Nor am I following a different path than the others. But I might be the oldest. And I know in the context of my life, its new and different and a giant adventure. So I will continue to blog. I will share my experiences. I will share my adventure. And I will share my tears, my heartbreak, my disappointment, my victories. Come along my friends. Its going to be messy. 

So honestly, I’m not going anywhere immediately. I think it will be January before I go. In the meantime, there is a lot to be done. Buckle up  – its going to be quite a ride. 


  1. Sue

    I can’t wait to follow your adventure Kathi, following your dreams – what an amazing thing to do

  2. Ruthann Rivers

    Love living vicariously through you !!! What a journey you are on. Wishing you the very best in this next chapter …… keep the blog going !!! LOVE IT !!! Hugs.

  3. Sandra

    You always amaze me! Your honesty, your courage, your sense of humour – just to name a few special things about you. You put it all out there, and that’s not easy to do for a lot of people, including me. All the best to you – I look forward to following your continued life journey!

  4. Patti

    You have no freakin idea how happy I am that you are FINALLY blogging. xo

      1. Roger Soane

        Kathi, you will never see much from me on Facebook but I couldn’t help but reach out to you and
        wish you all the very best as you embark on you new adventure.

        Good luck,


        1. Thanks Roger! Thats so nice. You got to do your adventures first. Now its time for me try it out. Hope you and your family are well and happy.

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