Scrambled Eggs

I called this post scrambled eggs because it seems like that is all I can manage to eat lately. There is just no time.

The number of people who have reached out to me in the last week or so to offer support and to cheer me on is truly humbling. I have not heard (more than 1) negative reaction and it really fills my heart with joy, as well as courage, to know that I am doing something that has to be right for me because the path is entirely clear. There has yet to be an obstacle. Inshallah. Its truly amazing.

On that note, I have been sick this week. With an awful cold. So I have had to slow down a little. However, there is no slowing down when the road is wide open, the sun is shining, and clock is ticking. I have learned to manage text messages, Facebook messages, and What’s App with multiple conversations and one hand, while showering, working, eating and packing. Honestly. Its insane. My house is pulled apart. Literally. Completely pulled apart. All the big items except a few things are sold or spoken for. I have interest in my house from a couple of people and I haven’t even cleaned the place yet. I have piles on every surface, in every room, and in every corner. Things to go. Things to be sold. Things to be moved.

Daisy has a sitter for the whole time I am away. That was a huge relief! I knew she would be well looked after but it makes me happy to know that’s (almost) finalized. I have appointments with all manner of doctors for eye checks, dental work, immunizations. My calendar looks like a crime scene.

I have booked my flight. I leave on the 12th of January and arrive the 13th. Pretty excited about that. I’m working on finding a place to live but that comes later. First the house. Although having said that, at the end of each of these days, I sit quietly with my head in my hands and think – SHIT! I’m going to Morocco for 4 months. It took me a year to plan a month and now I have 2 months to plan this whole next step. It’s going to require different technology, a whole different camera, two seasons of clothing. Jesus. What have I done!

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