The Abyss

My flight is booked. I have a deadline date. Of course I need to sell my house. This is not a minor detail on 2 levels: first, I need to prepare my house for sale which means window cleaning, soffitt cleaners, people moving stuff out, people buying stuff and coming to see it, me playing a high stakes game of “Keep/Get Rid”. Getting the Contractor contracted and the materials purchased and every item touched, moved or thrown out or sold. So there’s that. Secondly, and here’s the wild card in the whole thing – the house could very likely not sell before I leave. If that is the case, then it will sell while I am away and then I will need to figure out how to get back to move things out. Get things to their rightful owners and move my stuff over to my new place. I really need to sell – firm – before I fly. That’s my biggest wish and greatest hope. It could all not go that way at all. Deal with it when it happens.

In between there is just regular life. Getting sick, missing work and feeling awful, going to the gym, getting groceries. Laundry and dishes. Work.

There are the hundreds of text messages. I’ve never been so popular. The days are shorter, the weather is getting cold, people are inside more (alone in my case). At the same time some memories begin to fade and new memories are being made. While I begin the process of saying goodbye to some relationships, other ones are gaining strength. Time spent talking with one person is replaced with time spent with someone else and reality starts to shift. You see that there are 2 loooonnggg  months before you leave, thinking at the exact same time HOLY CRAPsticks  only two more months.

And don’t even get me started on the two completely useless Chrismas weeks.

There is SO much to be done. I have a stack of post it notes that needs immediate attention. I need to get myself organized. And I will. Its just chaos for this week. I hope.

Sometimes though, when the day is done, and I’ve had some quiet time to chat with my favorite friends, it all comes back to me why I am doing this and things that I love about Marrakech and the abundance of opportunities  I saw there and I just can’t believe I have to wait two more months.

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