My Darling Daisy 

As my Dad would say, “you done good kid.” 

Daisy and I successfully found a new home for her today. And we are both thrilled. 

You see, I had said that I would leave Daisy behind for “this trip”, and then come get her in the summer to take her back with me once I had more information and we could find direct flights. I researched pet moving services. I did some really long hard thinking about what would be best for Daisy. And the bottom line is she doesn’t like to fly. She likes other dogs to play with, and there aren’t  a lot of domesticated animals in Marrakech. She would undoubtedly get fleas from the local strays. She would be hot, and have no green space to run in. And I would be constantly looking for someone to care for her while I travel about. And then the next time I come home for a few months….do I bring her? Leave her? How do I ever find someone to love Daisy for only 6 months and then they would have to part with her. No fair. Its impractical and I knew it all along. 

But we make our choices. And those choices have consequences. And my consequence is Daisy. As sad as it is. Its true. On the face of it, when its just me and Daisy hanging together, cuddling, being laid upon by her, seeing her follow my every move, its heartbreaking. Absolutely gut wrenching. She and I had a good few days together this week and we did nothing but cry. And cuddle. And cry some more. I cried like I haven’t cried in 7 years. I will miss my Daisy more than words can say. That little doggie has given me so much love in the past 6 1/2 yrs. She has loved me when no one else could. She has been by my side through all of it. She has warmed my feet while I work, cuddled into my back while I slept. She has been my light and my love. My sweet sweet Daisy. 

I recognize that I’m not the only one affected by her future. Jagger has grown up with her and so has Dani. They see her pretty much every day. Its heartbreaking for them too. And I’m sorry for that. 

But I look forward to an amazing and exciting and terrifying and fulfilling and scary adventure. I look forward to new people coming into my life, for better or for worse. Hopefully for better. I look forward to the things I will do and the places I will see and I will hold her close to my heart and think of her happy tail often. But that is my consequence. 

Considering Daisy is after all, my most beloved, I set out to find her a new home that would be the exact right place for her. I wanted her to have kids, and activity, and outside time, playing and meeting new friends. I wanted her to have a choice of people to love. I want her to always be loved even more than I could ever provide on my own. 

So we found her a home and she will have FIVE (5) people who love her. She will be living with a beautiful professional couple in Bloor West Village, in an older home like ours. She will have an older sister called Rosie who is 12. She will also have an older brother and sister in Emily and Matthew who are 10. They were really happy to have her visit for the day today and everyone got along beautifully. They are so happy to have her and so ready to welcome her into their loving and beautiful home. The kids are really smart and nice. I couldn’t ask for a more happy home for her to join. 

We will miss each other, me and little D. We will miss each other horribly. But we both have a really exciting future ahead of us filled with love and new adventures. Since the beginnning of this journey, I have tried to maintain complete authenticity in my relationships (old and new) and by making decisions that are guided by my heart as much as my head. This little journey to find Daisy a home has not been an easy one, but it has been an authentic one and I think we are both headed in the exact right direction. 

And if I ever get too absorbed in the sorrow I feel for being separated from Dasiy, I just call my friend and talk to her about being separated unreasonably from her 5 children. And it all comes into focus so much better. 

Daisy will be joining her new family on January 8th. 


  1. Sue

    Nice. Glad D has got a family that meets your expectations. I don’t envy your decision. But ur perspective is brilliant. Xo

  2. raincitygal

    Huge hug, PK. I think you did the right thing in giving Daisy The option of enjoying a new family rather than suffering through what would likely not have been a good move for her. I admire your strength in that and as a doggie owner myself, I know how difficult that decision would have been. More than that, I admire that you are sticking to what your instinct is telling you regarding this change of course – and doing it with so much careful thought of those you are closest to.
    You are strong and sensitive and SO adventuresome. xo

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