Completely Random Thoughts

While I am certain that there are more culturally enlightening things I could be writing about as I immerse myself in this foreign place, I find myself thinking some completely unrelated (to each other) thoughts. All of these thoughts are things that I think in Morocco, because I’m here. And I know some of you like stuff like this – the day to day workings of a weirdo expat. So I will share.

1 – Moroccan men of a certain age, university age, 18-21 let’s say – they all cut a very similar silhouette. Not unlike North America, where certain demographics all dress the same. Think Canada Goose jacket, skinny jeans (substitute yoga pants), knee high leather boots. The Canadian female winter uniform. So these young men all look the same. ALL OF THEM. They have skinny jeans, tight in the ankle, hands in the pockets, bomber jacket of some sort, ankle height trainers, and thick black hair on setting #2 all around the sides and back with a big pouf on top. All of them. I could pick a young Moroccan man out of a line up every single time. Also, I have come to notice that nomads from the desert – the Deep South – they all have a very specific look. But it’s a physical look. I can’t explain it. Let’s just say this……WOW. I need to spend more time in the desert.

2 – The Moroccan method of cooking, as I have experienced it in my home, creates very few dishes. I love it. I really love it. Mostly because it is my job to do the dishes, because I am not completely qualified to cook just yet. And its really lovely serving a meal in the same dish in which it was cooked (tagine), and for my guests to use their hands to eat it. No plates, no cutlery. Just a cutting board, a knife, a tagine, and my spoon. That’s it. I love it. I am always so pleased after a meal to have such an easy time cleaning up.

3 – I love oranges. That’s all.

4 – All hail Amazon. I love Amazon. I am meeting my friend Suzanne in April and I need some things from home that she can bring with her. Instead of her having to go and collect the things and find what I need and then worry about how much I owe her and did she get the right things… I go to, order what I want and have it sent in one tidy package to her door step. Honestly. So easy. AND I get the tiny rush ¬†that comes with doing a little online shopping.

5 – When I feel like I need a break from being an expat all I have to do is stay indoors for a few days. Take short trips outside to see my friends at the local grocery for oranges. Come back. Watch some Grey’s Anatomy and Ellen online. It’s nice. Just like home but without my baby Daisy. (Tear).

6 – I’m very very comfortable here. I noticed tonight when I walked home from J’maa El Fna square along the exact same route we had walked in October. Remember that crazy road crossing Laura? The one that brings all manner of vehicle off the main road into three different branches along with people walking and taxis and carts selling prickly pear? We walked that way home tonight and it was as crazy as ever. Tourists, buses, people going this way and that. Dark. Rough sidewalks. Scooters. Honking. It was madness. And it didn’t even phase me. I know what I can edit out and what I must pay attention to. I did’t feel at all overwhelmed. The first few times in October I was sure I was going to die on that corner. Now I cross against the light no problem. “Close your eyes and Yallah”. My new favourite saying.


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