Gag Order

Its 38 degrees. Celsius. So there’s that. Its the first day since Wednesday that I have been out for any length of time and then I accidentally had to run two errands. One was a 20 minute walk thata’way from my home, and the other was a 20 minute walk the other thata’way from home. That translates into a lot of walking in the sun when its hot. So that happened.

Now I’m back inside. I had the distinct pleasure of singing Adele (Someone Like You) in the grocery store just now. Aloud. The cashier ladies enjoyed it. Or at least they said they did. (There was no one else there btw) I have to keep my skills up because Adele is going to play me in the movie. (This is one of those posts that will only make sense when its all said and done). (Keep up).

I was planning on working on our website all day today. However, I can hear the cartoons being streamed from the apartment down the hall. Its been going on all day. So in order for me to continue my work, which hinges on uploading a large file, I need the bad parenting to end down the hall so we can free up a little bandwidth and get on with my uploading. (Long deep sigh).

And speaking of bad parenting and the plot of a major motion picture. (We are starting to circle back now folks)…..

My best friend – let’s call her Carol – married a (&^^%%$$##$**^%$##&^%^%$%^$%&^)
man many years ago. Let’s call him F.W. Fast forward many years, F.W. proved himself to be just that, a F.W. Life happened, they birthed a hockey team together. Then there came a sunny fall day….some coffee was exchanged…911 was called…..stretcher, ambulance, pysch ward….and here we are. Four years into the family legal system in which a simple, “No, I don’t agree, my lawyer is sick, I have all the money, I can’t hear you talking,” will get you custody of said hockey team with no recourse for as long as you can feign said excuses.

Then came the time for both sides to meet a nice man in a big room for the airing of their grievances. Let’s call that nice man Judge Jerry. (Rusty the Bailiff turned out to be an actual attorney. Huh). People gathered. Words were exchanged. Some words made more sense than others. Photos were shown. Not to be one to miss out on the action I, of course, ended up going Calgary for a week. And you know what?  With a good book and a couple grand, its really not that hard to get half way across the world these days. Marrakech to London, London to Calgary. Bam. Easy, peasy.

So there I was hanging around the courthouse for a couple of days. Not a bad gig really. Made some nice friends, had some drinks, there was good wifi, some really cute cops. Progress was made towards the end goal. I got to visit with said hockey team – Ryan, Jack, Natasha, Terry and Brandy (the future stripper). And their dogs Pippen and Tulula. I had some of Grammie’s homestyle cooking. Did some shopping. Toured around Banff a bit. All in all it was lovely. But alas, all good scenes must come to an end and I find myself back in Marrakech, in the heat, waiting for bandwidth, so I can do some work, imagining Adele playing my role in the movie of this ridiculously long domestic drama. That still has no end. (Another long deep sigh).

So that’s where I’ve been in case you were wondering. I know that has nothing to do with Berbers. Or Morocco. But it does relate to living abroad and still accessing home when needed. It did take 3 Berbers to get me home from the airport. (Two by phone and one in person). And now I am back to work. We have another exciting addition to the Marrakech family business coming up. In time I will share. Suffice it to say I will be busy this summer and looking forward to it. Lots to do. Lots to look forward to. Things are well and everyone is happy.

That’s as close to an update as I can muster today. My laptop is hot and so am I.


  1. Sandra P

    What a story about your friend. Sounds like she’s a tough person to have gotten through her drama; she’s lucky to have you in her corner!

  2. sue pigott

    Here’s hoping ur friend sees light at the end of her tunnel soon. 🙂

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