Settle the Hell Down Ms Universe

So dear readers. You know the schtick. I believe in signs. I believe the “universe” or whichever higher being you are engaged with, puts things in your path. I believe it happens for a reason. I believe that this “universe” thing reinforces its messages with little signposts along the way. Just so you don’t miss something.

Well. This weekend, the universe brought me a gift and then proceeded to knock me over the head with the damn signposts.

Here’s what happened. (And bear with me. I might be a little vague because I am not ready to reveal a lot of details right now.)

When I first came to Morocco, I came here on a tour with my friend Laura from Vancouver. I had not seen or spoken to Laura (other than emails) since 1997-ish. If you have been following this blog you know the story. I came back and settled in. I’m deliriously happy. Things are great in Marrakech. We are making plans to move forward here. Active plans. Exciting plans.

Thanks Laura. Bringer of me to Morocco. Deliveress of the Universes’ message. Mother of Pillows. (Visit her shop!) (She ships worldwide)

So Laura sent me a note awhile back saying her friend / business associate, Susan, was coming to Morocco. Travelling the same sort of route we travelled. Would I be available to meet up with her when her tour came through Marrakech. “Sure, I can do that.” Date noted in calendar. Time put aside. On with my life.

I arranged to meet Susan the other day. We had exchanged a few emails along her journey here. My friend had checked up her a couple of times. She was loving this place. As people do. I was planning on going to a trunk show in the medina with a group of American expats, entrepreneurs all, women who have moved for their men mostly. I figured I would bring this girl along. A surreal way to spend an afternoon with a total stranger in the exotic Marrakech at the end of a tour.

The minute I saw Susan on the street and we hugged hello, it was as if we had known each other for a lifetime. We started talking and did not stop until she left for the airport the next afternoon. The way I remember it, before we got to the first street crossing, I had said “I am building a business to do x with my partner,” “Oh my god she said, “I want to build a business to do x too, but in Canada.” Well hell then.

By the time we got to the party in the medina we had sussed out each others skill sets, goals and aspirations, history and motivation. Seriously. Sometimes things just flow. And you know….you gotta go with the flow.

Fast forward we are sitting in a room filled with ambitious female entrepreneurs who are rocking the whole Morocco thing and loving it. The energy was electric. I looked down at Susan’s hand as she was grilling a lovely girl on her business model, when I noticed she had the same ring as me. Bought in the same store in Essaouira yes, but the selection in this store is impressive and a bit overwhelming. So 4 months apart we have chosen the exact same ring? Signpost. Big one.

Still talking and learning and laughing and plotting and sharing, we head off to a local hotel, where Laura and I stayed actually, to have some wine. And then some more. And then some food. The synergies just kept coming. So much in common. Weird energy going on. Really weird energy. So we left to meet her group and bid them farewell and then separate for the night because we had the day planned for Sunday. I get home to my cosy little domicile and I’m running around packing for a trip, doing some work. I leaned over my phone at one point and I saw a message from Laura. I glanced at it quickly and it said “from Laura…..Susan has a really great energy…..” and more words that were blurred in my rush to finish another task. A little while later I climbed into bed and looked for the message from Laura. Messenger? Nope. Whats App? Nope. Facebook? Nope. So I email Laura. “Hey Laura, can you resend me that message about Susan, I wanted to read it and I can’t find it anywhere”.

“I didn’t send you any message.”

What the????????????????????????????

When the universe speaks…please listen. Who knows what will come of our friendship. But a friendship it is. Soul sisters indeed. Love and kisses my new friend. The future is bright.


  1. raincitygal

    Happy to be of some assistance – I am glad I listened to what the universe was whispering to me too in asking you to join me in Morocco but it’s you who took heed of the signs, grabbed the wheel with reckless abandon and got to where you are now. So happy for everything that has come your way and what the future holds for you! YAY for #Serendipity!

  2. Susan

    My dear soul sister I’m still pinching myself. I am overwhelmed with this crazy connection. It feels like a blind date that is quickly turns into a meaningful relationship. I am a true believer of signs and these ones can’t be ignored. You were put in my path for a reason and I am truly grateful to the gods of the universe. Looking forward to the evolution of our friendship and then some. Our future looks bright and positive; filled with kindness, love and synergy. Bring it on! xoxo

    P.S Thank you Laura the bringer of kismet. You have a special spirit ❤️

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