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So I’ve been a little quiet lately. In transition as a matter of fact. So here’s just a little update on what’s going on.

Ramadan came along and it got hot in Marrakech. Coincidentally. It wasn’t hot BECAUSE of Ramadan. So after I came back from my little sojourn down the coast I spent a lot of time inside. I had to get organized and make some plans. I was working on getting some business papers together because I want to start exporting handicrafts sooner rather than later.  I had lots of paperwork to keep me busy so inside I stayed. I did go out once a day for several days in a row to go and check on some shirts that I had a tailor working on for me. So I needed to “run over” and check on them, try them on, request some changes, go back the next day. All this in 40 degree temps. It would have been easier to just fluent in conversational French but I’m not there yet. I found the heat to be not so bad. I even spent several days without the air conditioner on. As long as the windows were open I was good. Becoming a native it seems. The nights were beautiful and cool.

I packed up the apartment I was living in for the first 6 months. Couple of reasons. First there was no point in paying for an empty apartment over the summer. At least not that one. I plan to get a new unfurnished apartment in September. My plan has always been to go for a few months (January – March) and see how it goes (excellent), get a business under way (check) and decide if this is going to be a permanent move (yes). So now I have most of my belongings stored at a friends house and I am in Canada to avoid the worst of the heat and the quiet that comes with Ramadan. I came home later than I had originally planned and I can’t wait to return. I spent most of my last days in Marrakech being giddy and excited for when I come back. We have lots of plans and lots of work coming up in the fall. It’s going to be an exciting time for sure.

When I return I plan to get a bigger apartment with two bedrooms. A place to set up an office. A place for brothers to lay their heads when they need a rest. For friends to come and visit. A place with more space. I have tried living there and I know how it goes. I know what I need now and I’m ready to go back and settle in. To furnish a place my way. To get set up. That’s really exciting.

So for now I am living in my friends basement apartment as planned. I have rifled through everything that remained after “the move” and found a good 1/4 that will go into a garage sale, another 1/4 that will go back to Morocco, a 1/4 that is in boxes ready for storage, and a 1/4 that I am using over the summer and will subsequently go into one of those quarters when I leave. Which will be 1/3’s by then. But I’ve never been good at fractions so…..

I have seen a lot of my besties already in the first week. Plans to see others. I think my family knows I’m home because Facebook would have told them so. I have appointments set with the doctor, dentist, the lawyer and the accountant. I have another business to establish here and one to promote while I’m home. Lots to do. People to see. Places to visit. I’m leaving August blank as a time to travel around, maybe to Vancouver, maybe to Quebec. Plans yet to be made. Getting excited to see how it unfolds.

It is weird to be here but not. I thought I would be all nostalgic and sad to see my old house but I’ve already met the nice family there and had a tour and I don’t miss it at all. I’m glad they are there and happy. I have been to my friends house and I’ve sat on my old couch that is theirs now. Along with a number of other things that are spread out amongst the neighbours and friends. I’m sitting in a chair that belonged to my parents. My dad burned a hole in it in fact. (He smoked, we had holes). I have driven again after 6 months which I remember is something I really enjoy. I have not been to the mall. I have not purchased anything other than a few supplies. I don’t have a feeling of relief. I am thoroughly enjoying being here and seeing my friends and loved ones, because I’m here. But I am also so excited to go back to Marrakech. I missed it. I miss the ones that are still there. I am excited to go back to “my life” there. That is where I belong. But for now I am here, and I’m happy and I’m looking forward to visiting friends and friends visiting me. I’m thrilled to not be here permanently and I’m so excited to go back. I’m just in love with my life these days. I have definitely made some good choices so far. Inshall’ah.




  1. Tracy

    Good for you Kathy. I’m excited for you and happy that you are at peace with your decisions!

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