Summing Up Summer

So let’s wrap up summer 2017. What a blast. It has to be broken into parts and each part quite frankly could have taken place in other years to represent highlights. In usual fashion though, I have to just clump it all together into one great season.

First came the trip to Europe in June which I already wrote about here. London was an amazing end and we ended up at Adeles very last show. Sadly she was meant to have two more after us but that did not come to pass. We, and all my friends that came from Canada, got lucky and made the cut. It was a great time.

Second highlight was the time I spent travelling in Canada. What an amazing time we had. Fun, frivolity, sightseeing and more. We hit Banff, Canmore and Lake Louise, Quebec City and Ottawa. We saw an MLB game. As a side note – for someone who has never been to a professional sports game, starting with baseball was poorly planned on my part. As the end of the day, multiple explanations, some Googling and keen observation, the question remained, “why did that man keep throwing down the bat and walking away mad.” Fair enough observation really.

Regardless, visiting Canada, especially during the 150th celebration year; that was a damn good time.

Third up was the time I spent at home by myself. With time spent running around, shopping, online shopping, visiting, dining, going to the movies (3 times!!!!) and spending time with my (Kuz) family, it was busy. But it was really nice to have Grammy and Grampy living upstairs all summer and I loved the company they provided. It was nice from a weather perspective and a good length of time to be home, see everyone, but not get bored. I loved it.

Then came the fourth and final portion of the summer – the return. I flew back to Lisbon with my older sister Barb and my twenty something niece Laura. They stayed on for two nights and I scooted off to Marrakech to get unpacked, restocked and cleaned. (Clean Latifa was happy to see me back).

Barb and Laura arrived and we spent a glorious day at a pool in the Palmerie and then we went off to Ait Ben Haddou and Essaouira for a few days. We stayed in fancy ass places and enjoyed great rooms and a pool afternoon and good food. A day of wandering around Marrakech and they were off on their way.

Things are slowly getting back to normal. Of course it’s a slow process getting back “to normal” here. It’s fairly unclear to all, including students, when school actually starts so there is no marketing season leading up to the big day and 4,600 back to school photos on Facebook to mark it. Many businesses are also closed for protracted periods due to Eid. Some families take a week off and some more. It’s impossible to tell after three months, who has closed for the holiday and who is closed forever. So on we go.

Now I will just get back to life as usual. Making us famous and rich and building our lives. Who knows what will happen next, but I’m sure it will be interesting!


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