A List of Documents for the Carte de Sejour Application

I am embarking on a journey to apply for my carte de sejour. I am not the first and by no means will I be the last. My circumstances are unique to me, but this is my general bracket:

I’m a single person. I own a business in Morocco. I am Canadian. I live in Canada part of the year. I have significant ties, both residential and financial, in Canada.

I have a Canadian accountant and I have a British accountant in Morocco.

I rent my apartment. I do not own property in Morocco.

(Please feel free to use this information as a reference for your own experience, but know full well that I am not a qualified authority on taxation, immigration, or animal rights. I’m just one person, sharing my experience on a personal blog.)

I have been collecting lists for 3 years now on what is required for the application to get a carte de sejour. I am going to list ALL the requirements that I have obtained from various sources. As an outsider reading this it will become immediately apparent why this has taken me awhile to “work up to”. If you are reading this blog trying to begin your own journey ….good luck Warrior. Don’t give up.

I will share with you what I have seen as a requirement, along with variations of that same requirement. You decide from there.

The List: (there may or may not be a basis in fact here)

A copy of your passport bearing the identity page.
– or 3 (certified??) copies of your passport bearing the identification AND the stamp of your last entry to Morocco.

(Assuming the “certification” is done at the wilaya or moqita where you go to have all things certified)
(Assumption is the first cousin of speculation. While no authority has said it is so, you can be fairly sure based on previous experience of this kind.)
(But apparently not the page bearing your FIRST entry to Morocco which actually gives you a unique identification number that is used by immigration and police every time you present your passport for the rest of your life.)

6 (8) (12) passport photos, standard size and background.
– Or 2.5 x 2.5 – Moroccan website
– Or 35 x 45 – 1 accountant
– Or 35 cm x 45 cm – 2nd accountant (clearly a typo ya?)
– On a grey background. Is that standard?

I’m going to get 15. If I have extras I will auction them off on eBay. Don’t miss out. Follow this space for updates.

Document stating subsistence means.
– That is the actual information given on the Moroccan website.
– Others go so far as to say bank statements for the last 3 months, for your company and also personal.

Copy of tenancy agreement
– This is for your own home. You also have to show the legal business address. 
– I have also seen that electricity, water, or telephone bills will do.
– I have also seen that you need “The Certificate of Residence issued by the local authorities (Mr. Caid)” 
– Who the heck is this Mr. Caid? Kidding, its the moqita.
– And holy shit! That’s a whole other list of documents required so….

The Po-Po
Some places say you need a copy of a police report from your home country. I did this two summers ago when I was home, and it was easy. I just applied online and then had to attend a City of Toronto detachment to collect it. Challenge is I wasn’t organized and ALL documents have to be dated within the past 3 months. So you have to do all this collection pretty fast and get it submitted because otherwise stuff expires and you are left with a nice clean slate from the RCMP and no one to show it to.
– This is also the biggest obstacle for many people so if you are engaging in this process – plan it around this one. I believe in most countries you have to be present in the country to get it, although I have heard of a German citizen who had it sent by courier outside the country.
– Some places say you need a copy of Moroccan police report from Rabat which I wrote about here.
– HOWEVER, I recently read on one list that you need the one from your HOME country for your first application, and the one from Morocco on your SECOND application which is really good news, because one less thing to do each time.

A certificate from a medical doctor stating that you do not have a contagious disease. It does not state whether the doctor has to be Moroccan or not.
– Of course I will visit our local German doctor and she will know exactly what to do.

All the business papers. Certified stamps copies. Two copies.

– Statutes of the company
– Trade register of the current year
– Certificate of registration for the professional tax of the current year.
– PV of general  meeting
– Tenancy contract of Company’s address
–  Last Balance Sheet
– Certificate of employees registered to the CNSS
– Bank proof justifying the deposit of the capital of the company (Not necessary if the Capital is less than 100 000 MAD).

So just take all your bank documents and make them double and stamp them essentially.

A curriculum vitae.
– ??? Ok sure.

Stamp fees
– so on the Moroccan government website it says 60 dh.
– most other sources say 100 dh.
– per year for the length of time it is issued.
– it’s only issued for one year. so 6 bucks essentially.
– which is $8.30 Canadian.

And that’s it. Easy peezy lemon squeezy.

The big question then becomes – what language does this all need to be done in? Thankfully I can ask for my official Canadian police report in French so that saves a LOAD of time.


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