A Cool Breeze

I have started and stopped a few different posts. I know it’s been awhile since I contributed to this enterprise and a few people have reached out lately wondering what the heck is going on. Truth be told : nothing really.

Summer was nice. I was in Canada, in my basement apartment, enjoying my friends and neighbours. The best part of this trip home was the ability to catch up with people, move relationships forward, and also make new friends. It’s difficult when I first arrive back because I have to figure out where I fit in. How to fold myself back into the fray. But my “roomie” has been a friend slash family for 20 years + so that’s a no brainer. My Arcadian Circle gang just accept me back in with open doors and dinner most nights. Well, all accept for the new one. Figures a 2 year old would throw up a hand and want nothing to do with the stranger. But she came around in time. Sort of.

Its not enough though over a 2 month period to just “visit”. You can’t just pop in and catch up and move on. Its important to contribute, receive, develop and move relationships forward. And that’s what happened, to my great delight.

I had the great privilege of spending some real quality time with my niece and great niece and nephew. Even if my great nephew called me “Aunt Whateverhernameis” after a good 8 days of sleeping outside his room. At least he knew I was related somehow. I visited them in “cottage country” and we had a good time. Precious time really. We went to camp and came back from camp. We spent a day painting pottery and other fun things. I also got to spend a night with Maigen later on in the summer, and her mom, Buffy, my SIL? Friend? Sister? Significant sibling? Oh hell, she will always my SIL even though she technically hasn’t been my SIL in 45 years. But who’s counting. THAT was a pleasant bonus visit.

I saw my Italy trip/ downtown fancy friends and caught up with them. That’s always fun. I saw my friend Susie right out the gate, and Katharine right at the end and David all the way through. I got to spend time with Suzanne and in an unprecedented border crash I got to see Patricia and Christy. Those two moved to Phoenix as I was moving to Morocco and I honestly never knew which way the wind would blow on connecting with them. There I was, suddenly one night, kissing Snardi and Kevin and laughing it up with Patty Weinburg one more time. GLORIOUS BONUS.

I got to spend more time with the gorgeous girls next door, Mandy and Georgia. Seeing Georgia and Jovie together; two little blonde, cute, fun loving, hilarious toddlers. Every day with them was a joy. I got to know T. Dave and Nicole better this year and I loved that. I got to spend lots of time with Grammy and Grampy on their annual visit from Alberta. I had the great privilege for a little while, of moving Dani from gymnastics to daycare every afternoon. One of my favorite chores to get in some one on one time with one of my besties. We also got to do the night before the first day of school purple hair ritual again, she and I. Love that kid. Jagger remains the most handsome, thoughtful, sweetest boy that ever was.

I got to meet Janice and Rob, my niece Laura’s important people, and also to spend some more time with Katie who I love with my whole entire heart. (It was the introductory cupcake that cast that spell I’m sure). I got to travel up to Honey Harbour and see all my cousins. ALL of them. My mom’s side of the family is rather large you see, especially by comparison to our little fragmented and weird Black pack. I haven’t seen many of the cousins in YEARS and it was a really wonderful day of reconnecting.

I got to spend time with some friends who are clients coming in October and I also got to spend an entire day with my friend Jodi. We worked, and talked and ate the most amazing asparagus soup I have ever tasted. We visited Amy and had a really fun day together. Of course I saw my sister and nephew on a few occasions as well.

I got loads of updates and photos and videos of all the happenings amongst my Moroccan family and the fun I was missing out on here. But hey. The heat. The timing. I had no choice really but to run off to Canada so that was sort of sad.

I did a lot of work. I did a lot of shopping. Mostly online. Every day was a new Amazon package and a trip to the mall. Or Shoppers. Or the mall again.

And of course, I finally got to visit little Daisy and her new family. Oh be still my beating heart I love that girl with every cell. She missed me and I missed her and we love to be together one time each year. She’s 9 now if you can even believe it. NINE. My little pup. She had the best summer of everyone being at their family cottage, no collar, jumping in the lake whenever the mood struck. She’s happy as a clam and never has a dog been so loved by so many people. She is just a little nugget of goodness in this world that one. Her family are some of the nicest people I could ever hope to know. I can honestly say that little arrangement was divinely ordained. It fills my heart with SO much love.

And then I came back. To Marrakech. To my people. My place. I had a great few days of reunion while I got over my jetlag and then it was back to work. September. Busy season. Chop, chop, back to the grindstone. My to-do lists are long and my outlook is good and my health is great and my attitude is sparkling. My heart is full and I’m ready to push this beast onward. To the next level. Back to the gym. Back to language class. Back to plotting and planning.

I just wish it would cool down. And soon! My biggest joy this time of year is a cool breeze. Oh, how I do love a good cool breeze. Blow baby blow!

So that’s it. Until next time Canada. It may be sooner than you think, Inshallah. Only time will tell.



  1. Laura

    Sending Vancouver’s cold rainy weather to cool down Marrakesh ! 😉

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